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The completely decelerated mode of locomotion of the cycle rickshaw provides insights into our beautiful city that can otherwise only be gained by walking.


"Reaching all destinations on unusual paths" could be the motto of the route selection. Our customers are often fascinated by the possibilities of opening up sights off the beaten track.


- Don't feel like going to the subway?

- Luggage too heavy?

- Something special for the kids?

Especially in the one-way maze of the 1st district and around Mariahilfer Strasse, the FAXI can show off its qualities particularly well.



Cycle rickshaw shuttle service
For companies or individuals. the FAXIs do their job quietly, unobtrusively and efficiently and allow for a short relaxation phase for body and soul.


FAXIs for advertising
FAXIs are eye-catchers!


Whether for tourists or Viennese, all eyes are on the FAXIs.


Whether out of technical interest, because of the interesting design, because of the desire to try it out... the FAXI is often the topic of conversation for passers-by.


The advertising effectiveness of the FAXIs as a popular photo motif continues to multiply on the social media sites.


Placing your advertising message on a Faxi is therefore an efficient and inexpensive investment!



Barrier-free bicycle taxi
You can order our practical wheelchair bicycle taxis with one seat as a taxi, book them for a city tour or include them in your event concept.


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Last update: 12. April 2023


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