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FAXI as a fast taxi from A to B
We often hear from our customers that they could not have imagined how quickly the electric rickshaw could take them to their destination.

...Hold a FAXI, arrange a ride, enjoy!

(Spontaneous rides from EUR 10)


FAXI for sightseeing tours city tours
Discover the sights of Vienna:

according to your own route preferences
on our scheduled tours
   30 minutes 45 euros

   60 minutes 75 euros

120 minutes 130 euros



by phone/SMS: +43 699 1200 5624
inquiry form
(from 15 euros)

You can also buy all our tours online here and pay by bank transfer!

A voucher will be sent by email.
Redemption of the voucher by arrangement (by email or telephone)




FAXI Bestell- und Anfrage-Hotline

Last update: 12. April 2023


Tel.: 0699 1200 5624
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